Legacy of Two Decades 

 in Firefighting Equipment & Systems

Amit SalesCorporation

Incepted in the year 2002, Amit Sales Corporation has been a reputable Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Trader, offering a diverse range of fire safety products. Our extensive product line includes Fire Extinguisher Spare Parts, Stainless Steel Bracket, Flexible Hose Pipe, Fire Hydrant Valve, and more. Committed to staying abreast of the latest market trends, we ensure timely delivery of our products at our clients’ premises.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have evolved into a top manufacturer of advanced fire safety products and systems. Our expertise spans Fire Suppression Systems, Water Mist,Co2 & ABC Fire Equipments , Compressed Air Foam Systems, and related solutions, establishing our prominence in the industry.

At Amit Sales Corporation, we prioritize meeting our clients’ needs with a strong focus on delivering quality, competitive pricing, and timely shipments. Over the last 22 years, we’ve rigorously tested and manufactured a multitude of firefighting equipment and systems, earning global certifications for meeting industry standards and ensuring reliable performance.

Our commitment to improvement drives us to constantly enhance our fire safety equipment and product line, addressing challenges faced by our valued customers. Upholding values like integrity, respect, and transparency, we ensure thorough testing of all our products before release to both national and international markets.

Amit Sales Corporation has achieved substantial growth, reaching every part of India. Today, we proudly stand as a symbol of excellence, ethics, and commitment in the field of fire safety, embodying progress and dedication across all facets of our operations.

Our Mission

In our pursuit of a great future together, we are guided by the principles of inspired leadership, a commitment to delivering superlative products and services, and the unwavering dedication to maintaining a high standard of ethics, teamwork, and professionalism. At the heart of our endeavor is a genuine and caring attitude towards both our valued employees and customers. This holistic approach not only shapes our present but ensures a sustainable and flourishing future, where excellence, integrity, and compassion intersect to define our collective success.

Our Vision

In our journey toward becoming an outstanding organization, we recognize that exceptional people are the cornerstone of our success. As we strive to be the workplace of choice, our commitment is to earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers. This pledge is upheld through our consistent delivery of frequent, high-performing quality products and services that not only meet but exceed expectations. By offering excellent value, we aim to forge lasting connections with our customers, ensuring their trust and satisfaction in every interaction with our organization.


Company Profile

At 'Amit Sales Corporation' we take great pride in crafting, producing, and globally disseminating top-tier fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. As a distinguished brand with a two-decade legacy, we specialize in the manufacturing, supply, installation, testing, and authorization of fire suppression systems. Our commitment lies in delivering products and services of the highest quality to our esteemed clients.

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