Fire Extinguisher Construction

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A water extinguisher is like a giant water pistol, but instead of using pressure

Major Parts

from your finger to fire out the water, it uses pressure from a trapped gas.

  1. A ring or pin on the handle stops the fire extinguisher from being set off by accident. It also acts as a tamper-proof seal: if the ring is broken or missing, you know the extinguisher needs to be checked.
  2. Inside the sturdy steel case, there’s a canister containing high-pressure gas (orange with blue hashing).
  3. Most of the extinguisher is filled with water (blue).
  4. A tube runs right up the inside of the tube to a nozzle outside (gray).
  5. The nozzle often ends in a piece of bendy plastic so you can easily direct it toward the base of a fire.
  6. To operate the extinguisher, you pull the ring and press the handle.
  7. Pressing the handle opens a valve (shown here as a green arrow) that releases the pressurized gas from the canister.
  8. The gas immediately expands and fills the inside of the extinguisher, pushing the water downward
  9. As the water is pushed down, it rises up the tube
  10. A jet of water emerges from the nozzle.